Friday, January 10, 2014

A Closer Look - 76012 - Batman: The Riddler Chase

Well the selves are still really bare in the Lego aisle up here in Alaska. I did see some fresh Lego Movie minifigures finally, but no movie sets and no new other 2014 sets.  Lego has release it's first two new DC Super Heroes sets. Both Batman related.  The one I'm most interested in is this set. Mainly because I'm slowly building my Justice League minifigure set. Previously you can get Superman (non-movie), Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman.  This set will let me add the Flash. Now here's hoping we get a Green Lantern and or Green Arrow soon.

I'm not sure how or why the Riddler came about a drag racer or why he seems to think that it's the best getaway vehicle, but you do get a pretty cool looking new Batmobile out of the set.

Let's look closer at the Mini's!!

 First up we get a new Batman with gray suit and black cape and cowl and lone black bat. It does look similar to previous versions, although the ones I've seen the belt is different. I think this is the 14th new Batman in the line and we get another  new suit, the aqua suit in the upcoming Penguin release. The one that comes with the new Man-Bat set is a black suit, cape and cowl with the bat in the yellow oval. That one looks very similar to previously released minifigures, although I'm not an expert. I do like that Lego has realized the potential with it's Batman figures and the different variations of suits. Now if they would just do that more with Ironman.
 Of course the highlight of this set for me will be getting an official Flash minifigure. I'm not sure if this Flash is suppose to be Barry Allen or Wally West, but it's still the classic Flash.

I'm a big fan of the comic book villians too. A hero is only as good as his rogues gallery. And while the Riddler is far from my favorite Batman villian this is a new version.

I'll have a full review and photos of the build when I get this one in my grubby little hands.

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