Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lego Movie Minifigure rarity guide

Thought I'd offer another handy dandy rarity guide for the newest Lego minifigure offering since my Series 11 post was very popular.  I'm not sure if Lego is counting this as it's 12 Series or not. It's labeled as The Lego Movie and I guess we can assume that Series 13 will be just labeled as The Simpsons. But until I hear otherwise that Lego will continue it's series count with 12 after the Simpsons are done I'm going to keep referring to this set as Series 12 The Lego Movie.
Alright so for clarity I rate the figures as follows
Common - 6 per case
Uncommon - 4 per case
Rare - 2 Per case

After looking at a couple case breaks there is the run down for easy reference
Numbering is based on insert poster

1. Calamity Drone - Rare
2. President Business - Common
3 Emmett  - Common
4. Wild West WyldStyle - Uncommon
5. Abe Lincoln - Uncommon
6. Mrs. Scratchenpost - Rare
7. Scribble Face Cop - Common
8. William Shakespeare - Rare
9. Gail the Construction Worker- Rare
10. Larry the Barista - Uncommon
11. Martha Staplebot - Rare
12. Taco Tuesday Guy - Uncommon
13. Where's my Pants Guy - Uncommon
14. Wiley Fusebot - Uncommon
15. Panda Guy - Common
16. Marsha Queen of the Mermaids - Rare

If you can find an unmolested case a few of the rare minis should be easy to find. The mermaid and Calmity Jane both have parts that should be easily identifiable.

Good luck.


  1. So what's the rarity of Gail the Construction Worker?

  2. Opps, it's in the rare catagory. I've updated the post.

  3. Are you sure Lincoln is uncommon - I picked up 12 figures at the weekend and had 4 Abes! Although a nice top hat it was a bit more than I wanted. May have to the rarest ones

    1. Hey Thomas, from all the case breaks I've seen Lincoln falls 4 per box. He also is really easy to feel for, the top hat and beard are easily recognizable. Did you pick your 12 from a fresh box? If so that does seem odd. If you picked it from a well picked over box or from some other display who knows.

  4. Replies
    1. I guess you would have the mermaid then? I'm not sure what you're asking about.

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    2. yep just google lego box breaks for the lego movie and you can see pictures of the box break downs.

  6. There are nights when all we want to do is curl up in bed and watch a horror movie. Earl